BEIRUT EXPLOSION: All Lebanon Government officials resigns after deadly explosion

All Lebanon Government officials resigns after deadly

Following the deadly explosion at the Beirut Port in Lebanon, all the government officials in the country have resigned.

It was reported that the explosion which was caused as a result of a long forgotten explosive chemicals stored in the Beirut port, killed no fewer than 160 persons with over 3000 injured.

After the deadly explosion, there were violent protests by the public, which led to all the government officials stepping down from their offices.

The resignations started with three cabinet ministers and seven members of the parliament, with the Prime Minister and his entire government following suit.

While addressing the Country on Monday, August 10 2020, the Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, announced his resignation with his entire government.

All Lebanon Government officials resigns after deadly

He said;

I am taking a step back so i can stand with the people and fight the battle for change alongside with them.


Today I announce the resignation of this government, May God protect Lebanon.


We are facing an earthquake that struck the country, with all its humanitarian, social, economic and national repercussions.


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3 Comments on “BEIRUT EXPLOSION: All Lebanon Government officials resigns after deadly explosion”

  1. Wow,they protested and their leaders resigned,in Nigeria they’ll send police to finish the citizens with tear gas and flock the hell out of them🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. It’s surprising to hear that the government officials resigned to join it citizens to fight against their challenges, I wish such mentality will come down to Nigeria.

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