ASUU Chairman asks Nigerian students for their cooperation

ASUU Chairman asks Nigerian students for their

Prof Biodun Ogunyemi, the chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has appealed to Nigerian students to stand with them on the ongoing strike.

This statement was made via the official twitter handle of the union on Monday, August 24 2020.

The statement read;

Students who are our children and partners in progress should show understanding.


What we are asking from the government are in their interest and the interest of the nation, good hostel accommodation, good classroom blocks that can engender effective learning laboratories where cutting edge research can be carried out and offices that can drive the process of quality university education.


So what we are asking of the government are not baseless things, but those things that in 2012, the government conducted during a needs assessment survey and found out that there is widespread rot and decay in the university system.

This sparked a lot of mixed reactions on social media by Nigerian Students.

@ChristianCruze2 wrote; Ur thinking only about the lecturers, what about we the students. They’ve not been paid for almost two months abi? Well me i paid one year house rent for an apartment i barely lived in for two months before all this strike, now the year is almost over and am still at home..

@EhireMagnus wrote; ASUU went on strike because of IPPIS not because of you. How well has Universities utilised funds they received? Buying official cars? Have you seen ASUU address issues within the Academia? No deceive yourself. It’s just a case of two elephants fighting and the grass suffering.

@humarofficial wrote; Please consider we the Final year students. We’ve been at hone for too long.

@Abeloluwasegun wrote; Corporation My Foot, Arrant Nonsense, your not the one receiving the lectures and what’s our business with good hostel accommodation, everyone knows how they go about paying their rent back in school and tie here talking about hostel accommodations, nothing is free in Nigeria.

@Philippi_ahead also wrote; Dear Nigerian students, they have been using this sentiments to deceive you from time immemorial. Where in Nigeria have leaders ever fought for anything but their selfish interest before? Everyone needs to do more with less, in this age of austerity.

@alayoka_ wrote; Corona has taken our time already, we don’t have time. How long do u want us to feel miserable, private universities have graduants already. Our final year students are still waiting, and u want corporation. For how long do we continue like this??.

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  1. What rubbish is he saying ,that’s how they keep promising what they can’t do,good hostel and classroom indeed

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