‘Being A Bricklayer Is Better Than Studying Sociology’ – Reno Omokri

'Being A Bricklayer Is Better Than Studying Sociology' – Reno Omokri-verasgist.com

Author, Lawyer and political critic, Reno Omokri, has noted that a bricklayer is better than someone who studied sociology in the university.

Taking to his Twitter page, Reno shared his opinion on the relevance of sociologists in the year 2020.

He said the return on investment for sociology is minimal, adding that it is a waste of time studying such course for four years in the higher institution.

His post read;

What is the relevance of sociology in the year 2020? The Return on Investment for such a course is minimal. In profit and loss accounting, reading sociology for 4 years is purely a loss, in terms of time and money. A bricklayer is more relevant!”


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5 Comments on “‘Being A Bricklayer Is Better Than Studying Sociology’ – Reno Omokri”

  1. When we feel like posting but we don’t know what to type , we end up writing rubbish to attract insult.
    I’m a sociologist and I enjoy it . Maybe your kids can lay bricks

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