BENEFIT BOYS: SS3 Boys resume school with their Iphones and Benz


Benefit Boys, have been trending on social media after they uploaded a video where they chased their physics teacher out of their car.

In a viral trend by the Benefit Boys, they are all about posing in their school uniforms with their expensive items such as cars, latest iPhones, and other expensive items.


Although some sources say that the word ‘Benefit’ was coined from the money paid to the unemployed people in the United States with the Benefit Boys, who are secondary school students, siphoning the funds, others say it is mere speculations.

They have been trending on Twitter with lots of social media users making fun of the trend.

See some tweets below;


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4 Comments on “BENEFIT BOYS: SS3 Boys resume school with their Iphones and Benz”

  1. Success means different things to different people. Money though important has been placed as first amongst equals. God no go shame us!

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