‘Cooking is a woman’s duty’ – Mr Ibu

'Cooking is a woman's duty' – Mr Ibu-verasgist.com

Following the all time disagreement  by social media users on who should cook in a home, Nollywood actor and comedian, Mr Ibu, has stated whose responsibility it is.

According to the actor, cooking is a woman’s duty and a man should only cook for the woman when he feels the need to.

Mr Ibu also disclosed that he personally cannot cook as the only thing he could perfectly do in the kitchen was boil water.

'Cooking is a woman's duty' – Mr Ibu-verasgist.com

He said;

“My wife knows all about food and it is her duty to take note of that. She makes sure she gives me the best of what I need to eat. I do not take note on my own (of the nutritional value), but my wife does it for me.


“Cooking is for the women and should be done by them, except on few occasions if you just feel the need to cook, which shows you have regard for your wife. Asides that, cooking is a woman’s duty.

“When a man cooks, it is either because the wife is away from home and he’s alone. So, he has to cook for himself.

“I don’t know how to cook. I can only boil water. There was only a time I tried to cook, but my wife eventually did that for me. I told her how I wanted the soup to be made and the ingredients I wanted in it. I call it Ibu stew.


“I don’t have the time to do that because of work. Therefore, my wife handles that aspect. I don’t know how often she does that.

“I’m scared of food that has certain types of flavours. I’m always out for work, so I eat out. But whenever I’m back home, I always eat at home.

“I love eating ‘swallow’ with good soups like vegetables, egusi and okra,”

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