“Don’t let no one talk you down”- Iyabo ojo

Nigerian actor, Iyabo ojo took to her twitter handle to encourage her followers not to let anyone derail or tell them that they are not good enough.

The business woman, said that some people called her ‘block head’ and said she wasn’t good enough academically but today she employs a lot of graduates.

She also hinted at going back to school to complete her education after putting it on hold to have  her kids, a decision she says she doesn’t regret.

She wrote:

I no too go school, I might be a block head academically like someone called me  but trust me, Good blessed me with abundant wisdom, knowledge & grace, blessed me with great talent that I never knew I had, today I’m a fantastic & success actress, a successful business woman & a happy woman

Today I’m highly favored & blessed🙌

My darling brothers and sisters,

Don’t let no one talk you down, don’t let no one look down on you, don’t let no one make you feel lesser  than yourself, when you carry a special grace people will talk you or just dislike you for no reason.

Today I employ graduates, today my kids are all doing great 👍 Thank you lord🙏

Na who come be block head 🤔💃💃💃

Na only ND I get o, yesssss ke!!

I gave up education for my kids yesssss ke!! but today I have no regrets.

Anyways I’m going back to school to complete my dreams…… E go school you…..


Her tweet:

"Don't let no one talk you down"- Iyabo ofo

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