Dubai company exempt Nigerians from applying for job

Man loses job for addressing his boss as 'uncle'

Shirley Recruitment Consultants, a Dubai based company,  has announced the recruitment of Merchandisers in the company as Nigerians are exempted from applying.

The job summary states, looking for Merchandisers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in the job qualification, it stated that both male or female African candidates can apply  except Nigerians.

The discrimination is yet to be clarified by the company as it may have been as a result of the recent fraudulent crimes levied against Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi, alongside his friends.

See the Job qualification below;

Dubai company exempt Nigerians from applying for

This new development however, may be a bad one for Nigerians if other countries decide to follow suit.

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2 Comments on “Dubai company exempt Nigerians from applying for job”

  1. This is prolly as a result of the fraudulent activities of some Nigerians over there,some people will keep disgracing this country

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