Evangelist impregnates 24-year-old daughter thrice, introduces her as girlfriend during abortion

Evangelist impregnates 24-year-old daughter thrice, introduces her as girlfriend during abortion-verasgist.com

The Ogun State Police command has arrested a 44-year-old senior evangelist for impregnating his daughter thrice and introducing her as his girlfriend during abortion.

The evangelist identified as Oluwafemi Oyebola who is a senior evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Ogo-Oluwa, Idi-Iroko, was paraded for repeatedly shaving sex with his 24-year-old daughter and impregnating her in the process.

Upon interrogation, Oluwafemi confessed to the crime, adding that it was a spell.

He further disclosed that he started the devilish act in 2017 after his wife left him with their three children in 2016.

He said;

It started in December 2017 and January in 2018, She reported to me that she had missed her period after having sex with her for the first time, That got me scared and I took her to the general hospital in Idi-Iroko for an abortion. I paid N1,000..


I presented her to the nurse as my girlfriend.

In June 2018, the second sexual encounter happened and I took her to the same nurse for another abortion.


At the time, the nurse confided in me that she was very fertile. I asked what I could do, and she gave me something (a contraceptive) for her but I didn’t know it was for family planning.


What actually exposed the secret was that I did not allow her to return to Port Harcourt. Around the end of March 2020, we had just finished a vigil when she came to meet me again that she would be going to Port Harcourt. I insisted that she would not go and she started shouting at me. I was upset and I slapped her, telling her that I am her father and the Bible does not preach that (disobedience).


Few minutes after that incident, she came back to apologise and, immediately, I accepted the apology, not knowing that she had some other plans. She had earlier told me that she would embarrass and tarnish my image when I slapped her.


On April 1, she took her phone and some of her credentials and left; we did not know where she went. On April 14, she called me, saying I should not search for her and that she just wanted to settle down there and proceed with her career.


She called me again the second day, telling me that she would make me regret that I beat her. I pleaded with her but she refused. I told all our family members to help plead with her on my behalf but she refused.


The evangelist also claims his other children aged 21 and 17 respectively, were aware of the act.

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