Fiancé of lady crushed to death by truck few weeks to their wedding speaks

Fiancé of lady crushed to death by truck few weeks to their wedding

The fiancé of the late Immaculate Okochu, who was crushed by a truck on her way to work in Lagos, has finally spoken up.

It was reported that the Late Immaculate has her introduction in March and was to have her white wedding in October.

Taking to his Instagram page to mourn the loss of his wife to be, the young man narrated how he dropped her off at the bus-stop, moments before the tragic incident.

Lady crushed to death by truck few weeks to

His post read;

“Where do I even start from. Yesterday August 12th is a day I will never forget. The most precious woman in my life left me. A woman I cherish so much decide to leave me in this world. How can you leave when we have few weeks to our wedding ? How can you leave when your car will arrive next week? How can you leave mr Charles and I.


I loved you with everything I have. I promise you everything you have ever wished for I will make sure you have it. Oh Emife you broke my heart into pieces. Wednesday morning when you were about to leave for work I said baby you look so beautiful are you sure you are going to work you laughed and I smiled as well. I decide to take you to bus stop as usual. You even buy me egg rolls for me and my friend. And told me you will come home by 5pm so you can cook Cos you haven’t cook for a while Cos of work.


“I never knew you were saying goodbye to me I couldn’t notice it Ahh .You are the only woman that has ever cook for me. You brought love and happiness into my life and replace it with this pain. How can you do this to someone you love. Oh Emife you are too good, everyone loved you they cared about you how could you? My mother hasn’t been herself. Every one are going through pains Cos of you. I have been searching for you at home I check all the whole rooms I couldn’t find you. I screamed your name, no answer. How can I survive this wicked world without you? I warned you about Cold stone, they are blood suckers they don’t care about you . All the care is their money. I asked to resigned you said baby wait you will at the right time.


“Everyday cold stone keep stressing your life. I keep telling you don’t let cold stone kill you for me. Oh they finally kill you for me. They achieved their wishes. They made you go through pains until you die. They use you. They have your pictures of you on their Advert yet they won’t pay you. They made you suffer until you die. You complained of mr Dapo every day problem.I hope he’s happy now that you are no more . Baby guess what? Cold stone still continue with work. Someone has already replaced you. What I told you and warned you about has come to reality. Baby how can I recover from this?”.


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  1. And I feel like crying.
    Knowing he was always warning her
    I keep telling people you cannot kill yourself for another man’s business
    Now see

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