Lady thanks Allah for making her marriage to her fiancé shatter

Lady thanks Allah for making her marriage to her fiancé

A lady identified as Zoya has taken to her twitter page to thank God for making her marriage to her fiancé shatter.

According to the lady who was supposed to have her wedding today, she was grateful it didn’t hold.

She revealed that Allah saved her from such an abusive, misogynistic,unstable and what not man she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with.

She said:

I was supposed to get married today. Alhumdulillah I didn’t. I’m not even sad about it anymore. Allah saved me from a miserable life with an abusive, misogynistic, emotionally unavailable/unstable, definition of toxic masculinity, manipulative POS asshole. FUCK that guy 🧡

Moments later she made a follow up tweet saying;

Alright I’m sick of this. Let me clear some things up. 1. I did NOT run out on my wedding day. We broke up in DECEMBER, 6 months after we were engaged. The people who are my friends and family that follow me here ALREADY KNOW THIS. Our wedding date was July 22nd, so I was  thinking about it… on July 22nd. I didn’t think this tweet would go viral.


How did you not know all this before?” Tell me this, if a man came up to you and told you he was a cheater and a manipulative liar, would you get into a relationship with him? No, right? They wouldn’t find any partners if they did this. This is how they are MANIPULATIVE.


They make you think they’re great until slowly they start showing you who they really are. It’s not an overnight transition. He only changed after we got engaged. It all went downhill from there.


Everyone has flaws. I am not perfect. I made mistakes, but there is a difference between the kind of mistakes he made and the mistakes that I made. He would tell me that I get irritated quickly, my standards are too high, and that I “dream too much.” Wtf..??


He cheated with multiple women. It was a long distance relationship, so I didn’t even find out until the relationship was over for a few months.


He would gaslight me. We took a trip together 2 years ago for the first time with his friends, and they didn’t know we were together. We weren’t ready to be public so we were just friends to everyone else. He started getting jealous and told me to spend more time with him.


Told him people would get suspicious and he said he didn’t care. People started noticing things and started teasing him. He got mad that people put 2 and 2 together, and then blamed me for everything.


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