Let’s Talk Investment

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Let’s talk Investment

Here’s to the usual question, why should I invest? The answer is quite simple and clear, to create wealth and prepare for the future.

As humans, there is always a need to have an added source of income. That can range from having to do side hustles to make ends meet. The want of having added cash or consistent cash flow is borne from the fact that no one knows how the economy will be tomorrow or the day after, the need to fund future projects, etc.

So, Investment?

To invest is to allocate a certain amount of money in the expectation of some benefits in the future. Our financial objectives might be anything from buying a flat, house or car, paying off the mortgage, going on a dream holiday, paying school fees or helping our children go to university.

While savings accounts offer easy access and the security of guaranteed capital, the returns can be small. Having an Investment provides stronger returns over the long-term. There’s a range of investments, including equities, bonds, and property, that can provide you with regular income that’s often higher than the rate of inflation.

One thing that is constant is change and financial circumstances can be affected anytime. You can change how you invest to suit your needs. If you have the money available, you can start investing straight away. The sooner you invest, the longer your investment has to grow.


Benefits of Investment

  1. Financial security

Being financially secured is having extra money somewhere. This ultimately means you have a backup to any financial hardship that may be on the rise. For instance, a major health crisis in your family, providing higher education to your kids, destruction of the home by fire, etc.

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  1. Financial Independence

We’re in a world where things happen within the blink of an eye. Having an investment makes you financially independent. You don’t have to run helter-skelter to make ends means should the need for money arise – reduces dependency on others for monetary purpose.


  1. Achieving your financial goal

You might have some specific financial goals like buying a house, a car, travel to a specific location etc. Whatever financial goals you set must give you the motivation to work harder and invest. To achieve your goals easily, it is important that you must make a comprehensive investment plan, list down your goals along with the total money required to achieve the listed objectives.


Now the real question, where do I invest?

That’s where ATI comes to the fore. ATI (African Trade Invest) is a Pan African Digital Trade and Investment Platform. You get to finance trade deals in Africa and earn as high as a 24% share of profit.


How it works

  1. a)    Invest in Units: Partner with ATI by investing in any available project
  2. b)    Track Update: Get investment updates on the Trade Deal selected
  3. c)    Get Return: Earn up to 24% share of profit


Access Funds in Four Simple Steps

  1. Create an Account: Visit www.africantradeinvest.com and create an account to get started. Alternatively, download the app in the Google Play store or the IOS store and create an account.


  1. Create Funding Request: After successfully creating an account, you can proceed to create a fund request. A basic form will be presented for you to fill.


  1. Submit Required Documents: To help us guard you against fraud, you will get a call from our representative on how to proceed and verify your transaction/order(s).


  1. Get Your Project Funded: When we successfully verify your transaction/order(s), you then have access to funds to fulfill your orders.


In Conclusion

Investment is like planting a tree, it grows daily and fleshes out into maturity as the years go by.

Financial analysts have long adopted the old Chinese saying “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” We wrote something just for you if you are doubting whether to save it or invest it

If you have some money and you know won’t be of use for a while, why not invest now and enjoy the rewards later? Whatever it is you want to do in the future, now is the time for you to start investing.


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