BREAKING: Mali President resigns amidst crisis

Mali President resigns amidst

Mail’s President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, has resigned due to the ongoing crisis in the country.

The President who was detained by a military coup tendered his resignation because according to him, “He did not want bloodshed”.

Mali is currently under a military coup following the deaths of thousands killed by an Islamist terrorist group, with series of protests over the high level of corruption in the country.

The military mutiny saw soldiers who were supported by crowds in the streets, proceed to the residence of President Keita.

Speaking in a state television broadcast, President Keita announced the dissolution of both the Government and the National Assembly.

He said;

I want no blood to be spilled to keep me in power and that is why i would love  to thank the Malian people for their warmth. I am telling you now that i’m resigning from my position as the president and all my other positions and i announce the dissolution of the assembly and the government.

The Military men who overthrew Mali’s president, promised to restore stability.

Mali President resigns amidst

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