Man glued to soldier’s wife while having extra-marital affair (Video)

Man glued to soldier's wife while having extra-marital

A video of a man has glued to a soldier’s wife while they were having  s*x in Ogun State., has gone viral on social media.

The unidentified man who was presumed to be the lover of the woman, got stuck to his married lover while in the act.

According to an eye witness, it was disclosed that the incident was a case ofo “Magun” which means, DO NOT CLIMB.

It is a charm used mostly by married men without the consent of their wives to prevent them from cheating, as if they do, they will be stucked to their partner until the intervention of the husband who would be called upon to cancel the spell.

In the video below, the lover and the married lady were both in tears as they were trying to seek help from passersby to regain their freedom.

Watch video below;

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