Man leaves warning for new corp members as he shares experience

Man leaves warning for new corp members

A Nigerian man has taken to his twitter page to drop  piece of advise to youth corp members  intending to serve in secondary schools, as their place of primary assignment (PPA) .

The social media user identified as Igho Precious shared his experience as a corp member in the social media platform, while sternly warning the youth corpers, especially those with lack of self control.

He wrote;

“IF YOU DON’T HAVE SELF CONTROL, PLEASE DON’T TEACH IN A SCHOOL. I used to teach Economics in this secondary school, and I can tell you for free that once you’re a young teacher that’s free with them, you’ll attract them, no two ways about it”.

“It is up to you as the adult to use this closeness to groom them, tell them whatever it is they feel, is normal for their age, but shouldn’t be explored wrongly, especially not with you”.

Listen, some of these girls have bigger boobs than your babe, they’re finer than her gan, and these children are seeing movies, they’re perfecting the art of seduction. My man, run.”

“There’s this particular one that brings Bobby to my shoulders stylishly in front of her classmates, see I rebuke her loudly, it worked for me, it might not work for you but Omo devise your own means”.
“Stop kissing children that you’re teaching, stop fingering them, stop sexually harassing them. They’re supposed to be in your care, don’t take advantage of them. Don’t date them”.
“Female teachers too abeg, it’s quite rare to see but it happens, please leave these young boys, don’t use them to pastime because nobody is looking your way”.
“I hope this speaks to any teacher on the tl, if you’re already doing it, please I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear, stop it. You’re destroying people.

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