Man murders wife after planning life with gay lover

Man murders

A 37-year-old man identified as Mitesh Patel, has murdered his 34-year-old wife, Jessica Patel, after planning to start a new life with his gay lover in Australia.

The late Jessica Patel who was a pharmacist, was strangled to death by her husband in May 2018.

It was also reported that her husband, Mitesh, moved the deceased to Middlesbrough from Halifax, West Yorkshire, with claims to isolate her.

It was also revealed that Mitesh spent five years planning to kill his wife in order to use her frozen embryos to make babies with his gay lover he met on Grindr, a gay dating site.

Mitesh who also had plans to also inherit a  £2 million life insurance restitution, was exposed after the health app on his iPhone recorded his nervousness after murdering his wife, as he raced around the house.

Upon paying a tribute to the deceased, the family wrote;

“Heaven has gained an angel but the world is at a loss for it.

“Jessica was a rarity: she was beautiful on the outside, and even more so on the inside.


“She had a truly selfless soul and afforded everyone she met with a kindness and generosity that was second to none.


“As the firstborn in our family, she brought an immense amount of joy.


“She had this lovable smile which encapsulated her gentle nature and innocence, and would make our house feel like a home.She had her whole life ahead of her, a life in which she simply wished for true love, a family of her own and to live happily ever after.


“Above all, her greatest wish was to be a mother, to share the love she had in her heart and feel the same happiness she afforded to our family as a child.


“She deserved to have a wonderful life, but these wishes will now remain unfulfilled.


“We are extremely blessed to have had Jessica in our lives.”

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