Man returns $2500 he picked on the ground, gives reasons

Man returns $2500 he picked on the ground, gives

A Nigerian man, Alex Adekunle James,  has taken to his social media page to narrate how he picked $2500 on the ground and why he returned it afterwards.

He went on to reveal that after much investigation, he realized the money belonged to a House of Reps member.

He also narrated that he never had plans on keeping the money to himself as he saw it as a test to prove his upcoming book “You are the Nigerian Dream”.

Alex also disclosed that some days later, he was awarded for his honesty by the Senator who came looking for him.

Man returns $2500 he picked on the ground, gives

Read his post below;

A couple of weeks ago (3rd of June), at about 8pm, I was walking my family members, who had come visiting, to their car when I saw this wallet on the floor. As I picked it up, I was stunned by the bulky multiples of $200 bills, a couple of tens of dirham, naira notes, a Dubai medical Insurance card, debit cards (both Naira & Dollar), complementary card, among others. •

At that point, I was just consumed with finding out who owned it. A few minutes later, I discovered the wallet belonged to a member of the Federal House of Representative. Thoughts kept flashing through my head, especially because I needed money. I still set out to return it. 😭😭

After so many efforts, I eventually, very late that night, handed over the wallet to him in person. He didn’t say a word to me, as he was on a call the whole time. I barely got a thank you, talk more of a tip, but guess what? •

I still felt so much joy doing the right thing.
I saw it as an avenue to make God proud.
I saw it as an opportunity to exemplify the values my generation needs to fix Nigeria.

I saw it as the litmus test to what I have dedicated my life to in the last 11 years (mobilizing Nigerian youths to transform Nigeria into a first-world nation). I saw it as a test to validate the book I have been working on for a couple of months now (Titled “You are the Nigerian Dream” which, by the way, will be out very soon). •

About 3 days after the incident, the Honorable in question came looking for me in my house, apologized and explained that he was on a very important call and we had a chat for a while. He asked me to text my account details and later that day, I received a token of appreciation from him.

In our hands, Nigeria must be better! We need to exemplify the right values to pull Africa out of its rut.

Let us set a new culture, tell me something that was hard but you did because it was the right thing.


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