‘My husband gives me N11k to cater for our family of 7’ – Woman cries out

'My husband gives me N11k to cater for our family of 7' - Woman cries out-verasgist.com

A woman has taken to Facebook to share her ordeal with what she termed her ‘stingy’ husband.

According to the anonymous woman, her husband gives her N11,000 weekly to cater for herself, her husband, their three kids and two apprentices.

Her post read;

I am a married woman with 3kids,two girls and a boy..
My husband is a business man ,he deals with spare parts,has a house of his own and a good car…(To show he is very comfortable)Has two boys serving him..
But the problem i have with this man is stinginess..He is stingy to his teeth.
Imagine a family of 7people ,he drops 11,000 weekly for feeding (He and the boys eat only at night )
Then from the money i prepare breakfast and lunch for the kids..
Note : He doesn’t but any foodstuffs at home except rice..He expects from that money I’ll buy the whole foodstuffs in the house, toiletries and still save..
As old as i am i don’t have a tangible saving because i use it to provide for my kids and personal needs,since this Anambra Man does not give me any sort of allowances except feeding money ..
How do i cope pls?I am tired of managing and begging him to increase the money as things in the market are expensive..I am a petty trader and the little gain i get ,is used for sorting the basic needs of the kids..
The annoying part is that the stupid man called a husband wants another Baby,Is he mad?
I pretend to play along in wanting another baby, so peace would rain ..But never would i..
Whenever i see hear people thank me on behalf of my husband helping them i go crazy,is he that he helps people outside and ignore his family needs?
I am confused !!!
11,000 for seven people?
And you except me to cook soup (Oha and Onugbu)
Pls if the parliament has a way of helping me manage the 11k I’ll be open to learning..But i feel it’s too small..
The post garnered a lot of reactions from fellow married women who shared their experiences about what they face with their Anambra spouses.

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