Nigerian reacts to the compulsory Self-Confirmation Form by Federal Government

Nigerian reacts to the compulsory Self-Confirmation Form by Federal

The Federal Government of Nigeria ordered that all Account holders in both banks, insurance companies amongst others, are to complete and submit a Self-Certification Form or risk losing access to the accounts.

Reacting to the news, some social media users took to Twitter to air their opinions on the recent development.

See some tweets below;

@OlajideV1 wrote; If it was not God’s decision, but a man’s decision to choose the country to be born and be “nationaled”. I have made a terrible mistake in my entire life by choosing Nigeria.@freshfmibadan@SplashFM1055

@Zee_vine wrote; Shame no they catch una?

@thebardogbamola wrote; Nigerians, please when you go to your banks and people are jam packed in the banking hall just because of these exercise. Kindly snap a picture and send to @WHO@COVID19Tracking let’s show the world how responsible @NigeriaGov is. Retweet for awareness.


@mr_nalie wrote; I thought we are all advised to keep social distancing and avoid gatherings.
@wastedtwits wrote; Local man suffered to do BVN. Got extorted to do National ID. Got extorted to do International passport. Suffered to get Voters card. Suffered to do Drivers license. All biometrics but still unknown in the country. Call Bill Gates to come and put chip in my body please.
@iSlimfit wrote; Forward-thinking Nations are building digital solutions to solve various problems. But in 2020, our own government still wants us to go queue under the sun to fill and submit “self a certification” forms despite National ID, BVN, Voters Card etc. Suffer no dey taya you????
@olujoe10 wrote; We are tired! Devil did no more than this before he was cast, this government is a bane.
@Rayokasali wrote; Which one is Self-Certification form again?! Ate you telling us that National ID card, BVN, drivers license, NIMc, etc. are not enough to certify us? Who comes up with these ideas sef?!
@blaiq_media12 wrote; O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Pharaoh no do reach this our government before you reason him matter ooo
After National ID, Drivers License, BVN, Sim Registration they still want to do Self-Certification!! FIRS what exactly is your problem? ND 2023 still far oo

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