‘Stop praying for unmerited favor’ – Daddy Freeze

'Stop praying for unmerited favor' - Daddy Freeze-verasgist.com

Popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze have taken to his Instagram page to tackle Christians who pray for unmerited favors.

He said,

Nigeria’s poverty and leadership crisis is entirely based on the buffoonery and unmerited favor, Stop praying for unmerited favor or for the blessings of other people to be given to you.


Instead pray that those who are deserving should be in places of authority. If we all adopt this mindset, we won’t need to protest against bad governance in the future.

He added,

The only unmerited favor we Christians get, is that Christ died for undeserving people like us so we could attain salvation.

Everything else we must work for and earn.

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2 Comments on “‘Stop praying for unmerited favor’ – Daddy Freeze”

  1. I believe in unmerited favour and i will keep praying for it… If its not working for you its working for others

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